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God Can, But What If He Doesn’t?

I’m writing over at Off The Page today about the twin pregnancy I had with my middle child(ren)….

God Can, But What If He Doesn’t?

“See that? That’s baby number two! You are having identical twins!”

what-if-he-doesntWe were ecstatic. Well, I was. My husband was a little nervous.

Then the doctor quickly added, “Hmm, I see the heartbeat for Baby A but not for Baby B. Come back in a week.”

I wasn’t worried. I knew it was early and had heard of twins’ hearts beating at the same time, making it difficult to detect their heartbeats separately.

I had faith that God could make that second heartbeat show up.

But at the next ultrasound, there was still no heartbeat in Baby B. The doctor was concerned but also saw that both babies had grown. Again, I didn’t panic. After all, the babies were growing…

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